Zombies on a cruise


Zombies on a cruise gameplay is enhanced by various free and paid goodies. Goodies are usually non-consumable, meaning those are enabled once the player orders them, but that does not mean those are also made available to players. Players still need to search those in game and collect coins to use those in gameplay. Also many of these goodies lose usefulness due to repeat use and ultimately break. 

We are constantly working to improve gaming experience by adding new challenges to gameplay.

Supermax Cruise Ship


Supermax Cruise Ship doubles the floors and adds many fun areas available on these floors to game experience. 

The floors added with Supermax Cruiseship include

  1. Engine room
  2. Crew quarters and crew only areas
  3. Offices, kitchens, laundry, garbage and recycling rooms and medical offices and giant storages
  4.  Additional passenger cabin floors
  5. Casino, shopping malls, restaurants and additional theaters
  6. Spas, gym, sports area, skyrides, skydiving center, and adult retreat

It’s a challenge to survive on an eight story shack. But battling out zombies on a giant 18 story ship takes the game to a different level. 

Supermax Cruise Ship is the ultimate way to enjoy the thrills of riding on a giant cruise ship and experience the maximum thrill of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Survival Gear


Survival Gear adds Machete, Hammer and Chain saw to the player’s weapons stash. By default players have self-defense and baseball bats to defend against zombies. 

Self-defense is better than having nothing but it takes lots of energy and players are vulnerable to accidental bits by Zombies. But it costs nothing if the player is using own body for self-defense.

Baseball bats are cheap and plenty to find on ships. Also, bats are pretty decent weapons, but those break easily after a few hits on stubborn zombies.

Survival Gear elevates gaming experience by adding new weapons, but Player still needs to gather enough coins to use these weapons. 

Machete are silent to handle random zombies in the walkway. A true sneaky weapon that lasts really long and moderately costly, but needs enormous skills to finish a zombie in one hit. If players can’t operate it properly, they are in for a big trouble.   

This is where Hammers come handy. Hammers don’t require any skills, but those are really difficult to operate and take lots of energy. Also those are not as silent as Machete and may draw attention by noise of crushing skulls. 

But when players really don’t care about any noise, they can pull out the Chainsaws. Chainsaws are loud and heavy, but those can terrify even zombies. All that noise is going to draw more zombies so treat it as the end of all means!

Protective Gear


Protective Gear gives players time to survive through Zombie attack without damage to their health. But protective gear slows players down due to restricted movements, so player’s hits on zombies are not as potent. Also, additional weight of protective gear slows players down. But it’s ok to compromise when you can escape with life.  

Protective Gear enables hazmat suits, kevlar, Hockey suit and riot gear in game, but players still have to collect enough coins to use one in the game. Also protective gears have life and those get decayed with each zombie attack. So always be on lookout for Protection.

Hazmat Suits are least expensive. Those protect players from spatters and occasional bits, so those are not meant for big fights. 

Kevlar Suites protect limbs while attacking and can be used to deflect zombies away. Kevlar is lightweight and easy on movement and actually not that expensive.

Hockey Suits are really bulky and restrict movement. But when you have to save a friend trapped and a zombie horde is waiting, there is nothing better than wearing Hockey suite to stay on task.   

Finally Riot Gears are the ultimate protection to have on a ship full of zombies. It is lightweight, comfortable but at the same time formidable to protect players in every situation. Of course Riot Gears comes with a big price tag. 

Go all out


Go all out for the best game experience on a cruise ship full of zombies. This goodie combines the benefits of Supermax Cruise Ship, Survival Gear and Protective Gear. 

Adding all three options to the game increases variability in the game and makes the game challenging. Imagine a player going out wearing a Hockey suit while swinging a Chainsaw or going out with a hammer wearing Riot Gear.

Massive ship makes it more difficult to locate friends and resources. Also it is a lot harder to reach lifeboat when there are multiple floors to navigate.

Maximize casual gaming experience with this all inclusive goodie.

Escape Stash


Players must collect sufficient coins to replenish health and energy. Coins are also needed for unlocking new features. While in most situations, players are able to collect sufficient coins, there will be times when having extra coins will help. Don’t lose your streak for a few coins when escaping matters.

Escape Stash option will be available when players are out of lives during the game. Also it can be purchased directly from Goodies screen.

Rewarded Ads for uncashed coins


Players are offered rewards that allow them earn the coins by watching rewarded ads. These options are enabled only when gathered coins or collectibles exceed a certain limit.

Rewarded ads for uncashed coins allow players to double the coins earned between two visits to Hideout. 


Rewarded Ads for uncashed collectibles


Players are offered rewards that allow them earn the coins by watching rewarded ads. These options are enabled only when gathered coins or collectibles exceed a certain limit.

Rewarded ads for uncashed collectibles allow players to earn equivalent coins by watching rewarded ads.


Purchase of any of the above IAP goodies also stops all ads in the game.