Zombies on a cruise




Read a step – by – step gameplay guide for Zombies on a cruise. While gameplay is designed to be as realistic as real zombie apocalypse, some modifications are done to enjoy the game. Game is designed with a new interaction pattern so it will help a lot to read gameplay before playing the game.



This page is for diehard Zombie fans, who believe Zombies are real. To those who always watch their backs and stay prepared for eventual, this is how it all starts. We have been narrowly missing the most obvious accident just waiting to happen.


Difficulty Levels

Zombies on a cruise is a casual game designed for everyone. But then for serious gamers there are advanced levels which require quick thinking and crafty game controller skills. This game is evolving and will have more difficulty levels added constantly.



Zombies on a cruise game has multiple avatars to choose from. Currently avatars are not differentiated in features, but eventually the game will have different powers for each character. Nonetheless, rules are simple to survive a zombie apocalypse. Stay light, stay alert, watch you back and always leave the door open. Avoid, avoid, and avoid!



Zombies can go without food for days if they don’t move, so waiting out is not an option. Hunger and thirst will eventually take over players first than Zombies, so better get moving when Zombies are less agitated.   

Zombies on a cruise game has different types of zombies that represent typical cruise passengers, so know them before facing them.



Zombies on a cruise game has multiple survival weapons. Self-defense and baseball bats are available out of box, but more serious weapons such as Machete, Hammer and Chainsaw can be purchased as part of Survival gear In-App purchase (IAP). Definitely players will need these lethal weapons if they plan to survive on a cruise ship full of zombies.



Zombies on a cruise offer protective gear as In-App purchase (IAP). The protective gear include Hazmat Suit, Kevlar Suite, Hockey Suite and Riot Gear. The protective gear is enabled by IAP, but players still need to have enough coins to use one. If lucky, players can find one within the game, but they have to search really well.


Game Cues

Game Cues are used to indicate certain parts of gameplay. Some of those are not obvious, so review the Game Cues page to understand the meaning and purpose of each game queue.



Players are required to collect a minimum amount of each collectible, but they can hoard as many items as possible to be absolutely certain. The Collectibles page explains collectibles symbols and where those can be found.



Players are awarded a badge for attaining milestones in the game. Badges are a good scale to see if players moved the needed between games. Also when the game is complete, players are presented with a wall of badges to appreciate time spent on the game.


In-App Purchases

Zombies on a cruise gameplay is enhanced by various free and paid goodies. Goodies are usually non-consumable, meaning those are enabled once the player orders them, but that does not mean those are also made available to players. Players still need to search those in game and collect coins to use those in gameplay. Also many of these goodies lose usefulness due to repeat use and ultimately break.